Please enjoy a myriad of videos on the book of Revelation. Here you will find everything from the Marriage motifs in revelation, the Mark and the Seals, the Four Horsemen, Babylon, the Four Winds and how to go about prophetic interpretation with a Christ centered approach. Enjoy the studies at your own pace… But DO enjoy them.


Revelation: The ULTIMATE Marriage from Song of Solomon on Vimeo.

Discovering the Marriage theme throughout revelation with a Christ centered approach!


Behind the Scenes from Song of Solomon on Vimeo.

This episode is a behind the scenes take on our mini series called Crisis Consulting Now. We also take you through some of the thoughts and inspiration of how some of our creative shorts were made.

Video 18: RE-Definition of ‘Wicked’

REVELATION #18: RE-Definition of WICKED from Song of Solomon on Vimeo.

The word wicked is often used to describe someone who is blatantly operating from destructive and oppressive motive. However, in this study we will explore “wickedness” in the original context that describes this attribute with a more comprehensive view. The point of this study is that we become more careful not to lull ourselves into a false assurance that we are far from such workings of “wickedness” or in other words human manipulation and devising, self-sabotaging and ruin. The more subtle characteristics that we inhabit are brought to light.


Video 14: Babylon

Video 13: The Mark & the Seal

Video 12: The Seals of God on the heart Part II

Video 11: The Seals of God on the heart

Video 10: The Four winds and the Seal of God

Video 9: The Four Horsemen of Revelation cont.

Video 8: The Four Horsemen of Revelation

Video 7: The Four Faces of God

Video 6: Sin, Salvation & Faith

Video 5: The Sanctuary as a Revelation of Christ’s Ministry

Video 4: Eyes to See Christ

Video 3: Prophetic Interpretation

Video 2: How to Approach Revelation

Video 1: Revelation Intro–The Humility of God

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