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  1. laurie
    laurie at · Reply

    I love your videos , I believe everything u have taught . I have never seen truth on every topic as u have . I don’t belong to a denomination, only to god , but there is a topic in wich I have trouble with , everywhere it is taught that heaven will be on earth , but I don’t feel that when I read it ! I feel what it means but I have a hard time putting it into words .i was wondering what your take is on that subject .you so beautifuly put into words for me the meaning of ” to be absent from body is to be present with the lord” on utube the other day .so this subject of heaven on earth is real hard for me to put into words , but i will still try …..the new heaven and earth is new because it wont be like we knew it , gods sanctuary is like heaven and earth , its our relationship with god a heaven and earth experience that becomes new when they pass away . im sure you have a better way of explaining this , but everyone i know believes heaven will be on earth , and i feel in my heart its not truth .what is your belief on this topic ?

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